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CLIENT: Ministry of the Environment

INDUSTRY: Central Government of Chile

TYPE OF BUSINESS: Department of the Environment.

REQUIREMENT: They needed to have a backup data center to accommodate him-critical applications level, managing backup policies, monitoring the servers installed in realtime and assigning a pool of resources for creating virtual servers on the cloud provider, professional services in addition to level II on Operating Systems and applications such as Mail Exchange, Active Directory and VMware. Integrating level connectivity between the redundant data backup Data Center and the offices of the Ministry of Environment.

TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTION: a rack in the data center in Santiago IFX Networks with Internet access 200 national and 30 Mbps Mbps International, with redundant connectivity via EPL 1Gbps links configured in high availability is enabled, to the offices of the Ministry located in the city Center. Additionally, a pool of resources on our cloud Chile (8 CPU, 64 GB RAM and 2 TB DD) which can be accessed through vCloud Director and professional services required were supplied configured.

ACHIEVEMENT ACHIEVEMENT: Public Tender awarded to IFX Networks Chile, for providing a superior solution quality and price compared to the options presented by the rest of the valid providers in the process (Claro Chile and Level 3), achieving procurement for a period of 24 months.