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IFX Microsoft Exchange


Because it is an email and collaboration solution based on Microsoft Exchange platform that stores and manages emails, calendars, address book and centralizes your company files. With this service, your company will achieve an effective exchange of information, ensuring the optimization of processes and the interaction of different areas to strengthen teamwork.
IFX Microsoft Exchange



Allows you to protect better the environment of the client mail messages providing servers with IFX Networks ability to have backup information for the required time. These backups are performed on a scheduled basis, with the latest AntiSpam and Antivirus updates consistently executed across all servers.


Offers recent versions of Exchange that have remote procedure call (remote procedure call, RPC) over HTTP to reduce the need for a connection to a Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Collaboration software provided by Microsoft directly without making huge investments in licensing.


Faster email and intuitive user interface access and a set cache mode that allows working offline and still check emails.


Ability to manage accounts and additional services through a web portal with directions, instructions and easy handling helps to understand and available to customers .


Mobile and secure access through WAP 2.0-based devices and other mobile devices anywhere and anytime. Just as messages, contacts and constantly updated agentamiento.


• Security withIFX Networks platform:
Robust protection with support and quality that only IFX Networks can provide.

• Email Accounts with high storage capacity:
The storage capacity of each cell can be modified from the admin panel FlexMail, obtaining independent and assign capabilities easily modified for each user.

• Web access to email:
By webmail FlexMail, users can manage their mail without installing any client or application on their computers.

• High Availability service:
Thanks to the platform with dynamic cluster.

• Secure connections:
This service allows the use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This ensures encrypted communication in the journey of the messages from the client to the server, granting confidentiality when information is transmited.

• Storage capacity per account:
The storage capacity for each cell can be modified from the admin panel FlexMail, obtaining assign independent and easily modifiable capabilities for each user.
• Custom Antispam:
This software tool have a custom control for each one of the emails that the server gets, where the end user can select what counts and what others does not consider spam, forwarding these emails to a antispam tool who has the characteristics of spam mail received considered and evaluated in similar looking forward emails.

• Corporate, safe and efficient Email:
Being supported by the communications platform IFX Networks, and located in one of the largest data centers in the world security.

• Constant updating of antispam:
In addition to teach the program which must be removed from the mailbox, this tool contains filters and continuously lists updated with emails considered spam globally.

• IFX Security platform

• Permanent System Updates

• Load Balancing and Redundancy:
Based on Multi-Server architecture.