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IFX Networks


Because IFX Colocation has the space to house the equipment and servers in 10 datacenters strategically located across the region compliant to the highest international standards, ensuring business continuity, information security and network monitoring 7x24x365.


Allied Business

Our customers can focus on their core business while IFX Networks is responsible for the care of their teams with the best practices in the management of data centers.


IFX Networks Datacenters are located at strategic points of the continent, which provide our customers with an optimal environment to house the equipment.


The IFX Networks Datacenters are designed with a robust infrastructure and technical specifications that guarantee high availability and security equipment and information stored. Allowing your company grow in space and energy for their teams.


Due to the architecture and infrastructure of the IFX Networks cloud (VMWare vCloud). With the possibility of replicating your virtual machine in a Datacenter outside the country.


The presence of security personnel at all times, so that every visitor of Datacenters IFX Networks must be registered in advance. Additionally, the buildings have continuous video surveillance equipment and high-tech sound systems, that constantly monitor all activity in Datacenters IFX Networks.

Technical Support

IFX Networks provides the necessary support to our users with the continued support of engineers with extensive experience in datacenter services. All staff and engineering support IFX Networks receives constant training, with the most recent certifications in management teams and corporate support


Redundancy infrastructure and connectivity with regional coverage, enabling our customers to select from over 16 countries the Datacenter that best suits their business needs.
All our energy supply systems, control temperature and humidity are monitored 24 hours a day.
Datacenters designed to ensure the continued operation of the service IFX Cloud Server, so the highest levels of availability are extended teams for our clients.
You can enter at any time with the assurance that all Datacenters IFX Networks have continuous recording with CCTV, access control validated through biometric fingerprint reader and at least 2 rings to security personnel 7x24x365.